Sunday, November 25, 2012

Instagram Pictures

Hi guys, It's been awhile. I haven't exactly had the time to sit down and blog about my life recently. So if you're interested in what I do daily, like where I go for my meals, my outfits, and any other random things, follow me on instagram at @ngsushan. Above are some pictures that I posted on instagram recently. I'll update instagram more frequently, so you can catch me there! :) But of course, I'll still keep updating this blog whenever time permits.

So see you on Instagram! 


Friday, November 16, 2012

Jam Hsiao Jing Teng's Concert + Swee Choon Dimsum

Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been really busy with my temp job, leaving me with very little time to meet my friends and for myself. But it's alright! I'm back with a post on Jam Hsiao's concert that I went with Jas, Junie and Trey last Saturday. It was the first ever concert that I went to, and I really enjoyed it. Love these awesome time spent with my beloved BFFs. 
Alright so I shall start the picture spamming now!

Before the concert, we spent the day shopping and settled for our early dinner at Astons.

Posing with our food, as usual.

Spammed more pictures, and look at the identical studded shoes that we bought together! :)

We walked around, and made our way to Singapore Indoor Stadium for the concert. Met Trey there and off we went to queue, as the concert was delayed. 
Hahaha, I'm trying to be cheeky here
Look at Jam Hsiao, so so so cute! Hahaha.

The concert ended at around 11pm and off we went to Swee Choon for supper!
Fried Pork ribs, so tender and so so yummy
Who doesn't love Xiaolongbaos? Small, juicy and soupy baos! Mega loves!
Liushaobaos, another dish that I must order whenever I visit Swee Choon
Mee Sua Kueh
Steamed Porkribs
Prawns in beancurd sheet
Fan Choy that doesn't look appealing, but it is awesome! So never judge a book by it's cover.
Lormaigai, nice, but not extraordinary
Tofu with pork floss
Century egg porridge which tasted extremely yummy!
And we ended our night with egg tarts. So fresh and good. I want some now. Slurps!

Anyone ofyou who haven't been to Swee Choon, please please visit them. They have really awesome dimsum, and it'll leave you craving for more!

Alright, that's about all for this post. I'll be back with more pretty soon!

Till then.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Selling Post

Hi lovelies, I'm back with a selling post. Friends following me on instagram (@ngsushan) would have known that I created another instagram account just to sell some of the clothes and accessories that I have. You can follow me at @shopcheesycorns for more updates there. So anyway, I thought since some of my readers might not have instagram or are not following me on instagram, I might as well do up a selling post so that more of you can take a look at the items that I'm letting go. All the items are brand new, unless stated. :) 
Alright, so here we go!

Red and white knit top, $20.

Vertical striped top/tunic with frills and lace pocket, $15

Slouchy long sleeved off shoulder top in neon pink, $13

Floral pleated skirt in black, $18

How I matched the floral pleated skirt and the neon pink slouchy top.

Long sleeved chiffon top in black with gold sequinned collars, $20

Aztec shorts in size M, $16

 Blue zipper front floral tube dress, $23

Studded vest in black. Material feels like velvet, with a satin inner lining. $18

Knit top in blush red, $20
Sleeveless chiffon top in white with Sequinned collar, $15

Vintage buttoned down top in unique prints, $23.

Black chiffon top with diamante, $12

Megagamie Hello Contrast blazer in green, $25

Striped bodycon dress with a white slouchy top, $17

Reversible top in lime green and turquoise, $13

Contrast chiffon top with peterpan collar in royal purple and burnt orange, $18

Long blazer in mustard, $18

 Aztec cut in tank, $12

Stretchy work dress in deep green, $23

Polka Dots cardigan in navy blue, $17

Lace dress in nude, $28

Here are some accessories to go along with your get up! :)

Leopard prints clutch, $20. Able to fit A4, comes with a short and long strap.

Braided hairband in bronze, silver and gold, $3.90 each

Red armswag, $5

Leather X Metallic armswag in black, $6

Yup, so these are all the items that I'm selling currently. Do leave a comment or email me at if you're interested in any item. :) If the response is good, I might host some preorders for tweed shorts and other apparels.

So shop away! :)

P.S. My friend is also selling some of her items. Please visit for more pictures! :)

Su Shan