Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Junie's 21st Birthday Party

Happy midweek guys! I'm back with a post on Junie's 21st Birthday Party at Amara Hotel. I must say that the hotel room was really big and cosy. It felt more like a loft than a hotel room, with a small kitchen, a living room, and a bedroom. It's really a nice place to hold parties at. :) We had lots of fun that day, camwhoring the whole time, making potato salad, and eating! Here are some of the pictures that I have to share!

Part of the hotel room
 Colourful Balloons!
The room
While the Birthday girls was busy dolling herself up, we had to touch up on our make up too. Hahaha
Pretty Birthday Girl with her Hello Kitty Balloon
Spamming pictures amongst the babes! <3
The sweetest couple ever! :)
Just look at the spread of food, and the potato salad that the babes mixed. Waahaha, the potato salad was extremely delicious!

After a round of photo taking and feasting, it was time to cut the cake!
Gorgeous Birthday girl with her Branded Chanel Cake. Hahaha
 The babes, with the Birthday girl! <3
Birthday girl cutting the cake
We took a few other pictures before we called it a day, and started talking and watching tv together. 
Birthday girl opening her gift! :)

Alright, as usual, I shall end off with a short note to the Birthday Girl.
Happy 21st Birthday Junie! Today is your actual birthday, so I'm writing this post today! I hope you've had an awesome party with our company, although I know we really took a lot of pictures, and you had a hard time tagging us. Hahaha, please remember that we love you babeeee! <3 Oh, and you were the very first friend that I made at the start of our Poly days. I'm really glad to have made an awesome friend like you and now The Babes are all going to grow old together! We will be the 老伴s forever okay! <3Happy 21st again to you, and enjoy your special day! :D

Yup, that's about it for this post. I'll be starting my first day of work tomorrow, and I am really nervous! Gotta hit the sack soon to prepare for a long day tomorrow.

Will be back with more posts really soon! 

P.S. Photo credits to Junie, the Birthday Girl and Trey. 

Su Shan

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cafe Epicurious @ The Rail Mall

 Hi guys, how has your weekend been? Just yesterday, Jasmine, Lay Peng and I headed to Cafe Epicurious at Rail mall for brunch before heading to Junie's 21st party. We had a hard time deciding on which brunch cafe to go to initially, but after reading some good reviews about this cafe, we decided to give it a try. 
The location is pretty accessible, along Upper Bukit Timah Road. There are a couple of buses coming from CCK, Bukit Panjang, Town, and Yishun. So the location shouldn't be that bad. Good news for those who are driving, the parking is free! So you can just park there and laze your weekend afternoon away. 

My brunch dates
Food wise, I must say that they really serve pretty well done eggs. This is not the first brunch place that I've been to, but I really love their baked egg. 
Baked Egg with Toast Soldiers ($14++)
This baked egg dish is to die for. The cream sauce  brings the simple 2 eggs to a whole new level, alongside with mushrooms, chopped tomatoes and bacon. This is a dish that redefines my opinion on baked eggs.

 Half and Half ($16++)
This is actually a dish that allows you to choose from the different types of eggs they serve, so you get to taste two different types of eggs in one dish.
 The Eggs Benny wasn't that salty, and the Hollandaise sauce was a little too sour. Other than that, everything else was good, with the eggs poached perfectly. The green eggs and ham, felt pretty new to us. But it's actually just scrambled eggs with basil and some other herbs which gives it the green colour.
Here's a closer picture of the Eggs Ben. Look at the potatoes on the side, they were so yummy and we all loved it. I guess the next time we head there, we're gonna order an extra portion of the potatoes.
Half and Half set with Baked eggs and Eggs Ben. 
Take a look at this perfectly poached egg, with the awesome runny egg yolk. Slurps! 

The full portion of Eggs Benedict and Green Eggs with ham are also available at $14++. 

All in all, Cafe Epicurious serves good quality brunch at an affordable price. So if you're someone who loves eggs as much as I do, please do visit this cafe and try out the baked eggs. It'll leave you wanting for more. 

392 Upper Bukit Timah Road,  
The Rail Mall, Singapore
Tel: +65 6894 5926

Alright, that's about all that I have to share for today. I'll be back with more pictures from Junie's party really soon! So stay tuned!

Have a great weekend guys! 

Su Shan

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Manna Story Korean Restaurant & Ji De Chi Dessert

Hi guys, I'm back with an update! I have an awesome Korean Restaurant to recommend to all of you! Jia Ying and I went to Plaza Singapura to try out the Manna Story Korean Restaurant after hearing some positive reviews from my friends. I'm someone who absolutely adores Korean food, so when I stepped into the restaurant yesterday, I felt extremely happy! One plus point about this restaurant is that they have very nice and homely decorations, with pots of artificial flowers and garden designs on the walls. Their service crew are also pretty nice. Okay, the main point is that the food is really super delicious and affordable! We ordered the BBQ pork and the Beef stew which came with a drink and rice. What's awesome about Korean restaurants is that they have lots of side dishes that comes along with your mains. Manna Story serves 4 side dishes and it is refillable once. Here are some pictures, I'll write more about it alongside the pictures. 

Manna Story
The interior of the restaurant, see all the wooden benches, the trees wall art and the pots of artificial flowers. It gives me a feeling that I'm having my meal in a garden, and to make it better, it is an air conditioned garden.
The side dishes
I love kimchi
Bean Sprouts
Anchovies that wasn't too salty, and we liked that it had a little tinge of sweetness to it.
BBQ Pork. I liked this dish. The sauce was flavourful, and the meat was tender. The only thing that I didn't like was that almost every slice of meat had fats on it, but if you're someone who doesn't mind the skin, you'll love this dish.
Spicy Beef Soup. Woohoo, I love this soup! The broth was extremely flavourful and not too spicy. Once you start drinking it, you'll keep wanting to drink more of the soup. The ingredients that they add in the soup is really nice too! With lots of marinated beef which is absolutely tasty, golden mushrooms, tofu and glass noodles. I also loved that they serve this dish piping hot! This is a soup that is not to be missed!

The total bill came out to be about $28.50 after GST and Service Charge. For the quality of the food, I would recommend all Korean food lovers to give this restaurant a try. It wouldn't disappoint.

68 Orchard Road, #B2-22 
Plaza Singapura, Singapore

Next, we went over to Bugis to shop a little and walk around. After a round of shopping, we headed over to Liang Seah Street for some desserts at Ji De Chi. I usually frequent the branch at Jurong Point, but the  standards of the desserts are the same. It's one of the better desserts around in my opinion.
My mango puree with beancurd. I am someone who loves mango and beancurd, so this is the best combination that I can ever ask for.
Jia Ying's mango sago which she says is also quite good.
 And we shared this durian dessert. I don't know what this is called, but the skin of this dessert is chewy and nice, the skin is also covered with coconut shreds. The durian filling inside is oh so yummy! I simply love anything that has durian fillings in it. YUMS!

8 Liang Seah Street, 
#01-03 Singapore

Yup, that's all I have to share with you today, will be back with more updates soon.

Meanwhile, have a great day at work/school tomorrow! 

Su Shan