Sunday, September 8, 2013

Habitat Coffee

Hi guys I'm back with a post on my brunch date with Ben yesterday. After hearing all the positive reviews on blogs, and on Instagram, we decided to head to Habitat Coffee for brunch. Nestled among many of the brunch places in Upper Thomson, I must say that it's quite easy to locate the location. Just that parking can be quite a chore, as there are only limited parking lots along the shop-houses. We gave up on trying to find a lot along the stretch, and headed to Sin Ming Plaza to park instead. It's just a short walk to the cafe, so it's really convenient. 

Food wise, I must say that the quality is really good, and reasonably priced. We ordered 2 drinks, 2 mains and truffle fries to share. The bill came up to about $53. We loved the food there! The pastas were really well done, with lots of ingredients. Ben especially loved my Blackened Dory Pasta, which is essentially just pan fried dory fish with black pepper aglio olio pasta. Sounds like an easy dish, but it was really good!

Alright some pictures that we snapped!

Can you spot Habitat coffee along this stretch of road?
We were there at about 3pm on Saturday, and the cafe was still rather packed. However, the lucky us managed to find a seat once we were there. 

Bad lightings for people shots
Iced Tiramisu coffee and Iced Mocha
Pretty yummy, but nothing much to rave about. The iced flavoured coffee were priced at $6.90 each. 
Cheesynara ($16)
This was really yummy! Just look at the amount of sausages and bacon. Mega yums. 
Blackened Dory ($16)
This was definitely the highlight of the day. The dory fish was so well marinated, and soft. Most importantly, it was fresh, and complimented the black pepper aglio olio so well. This is a must order whenever you visit Habitat Coffee.
Hello Truffle fries ($8) 
I'm a sucker for anything with potatoes, especially fries, so this was definitely a thumbs up for me. The portion of the fries was huge, and i loved the subtle hint of truffle. Yummylicious! 
A summary of what we had. 

All in all, I would think that Habitat Coffee is a really nice place to chill during the weekdays, but not quite so on a weekend. The food is so yummy, it'll keep you wanting for more. So if you're into pastas and truffle fries, do give Habitat Coffee a try. You won't regret it. 

223 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574355
Tel: (65) 6456 2567

Alright, that's all I have now. I'll be back with more posts soon! 

Have a great week ahead! 

Su Shan

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saveur with the babes

Hi guys, I'm back with a short post on the trip to Saveur with my babes!
Saveur is well known for it's quality yet affordable French cuisine. I've visited Saveur a couple of times, and it always left me wanting for more after every visit. Now that they have an outlet at Far East Plaza, it makes it so much easier to locate the place as compared to the other outlet at Purvis Street.
So here are some of the pictures that we snapped!

Best friends for life!

What we ordered: 4 sets of Saveur Pasta and 4 sets of duck confit
 In my opinion, these are the must order dishes. I loved how the duck confit was cooked to perfection, and the mashed potato complemented the duck so well! Absolutely delish. The pasta was awesome too! Please do order these 2 dishes whenever you visit Saveur.

I shall end off with a picture of Junie and Jasmine posing with the yummylicious duck confit.

We didn't manage to snap lots of photos, but it was still an awesome meetup with these precious babes.

That's all I have for now.

Have a great weekend!

Su Shan

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Impromptu Batam Trip with my family

Hi guys! I'm back with a post on my super impromptu one day Batam trip. So as you all know, we have 4 days straight of holidays this week, due to Hari Raya and National day. So my mum and I felt really bored staying in Singapore for 4 long days, so we decided to go on a day trip to Batam, and we dragged Ben along too! It is the first time I'm visiting Batam, and probably the last time I'll head there, unless we're going to some resort. Personally, I didn't like the feeling of not being able to communicate with the locals, and that all the prices at the malls are jacked up so high, I don't even know how to start bargaining. It was really boring at the malls too, nothing much to shop or buy. I guess the only saving grace was the A&W waffles and Rootbeer float. But putting all the negative points aside, it was really quite an experience for me. 
Alright, so here are some pictures that I snapped throughout the trip!

View from Harbourfront Centre

The name of our ferry was Ocean Raider

After about 1 hour of massive drowsy and sea sick feeling, we finally reached Batam Centre ferry point. We headed to the Megamall just opposite the ferry point, and of course the first thing that we did was to have A&W!

Picture of the mall from the ferry point

I just had to take a picture with this long curly fries
What we ordered:
9 pieces of fried spicy chicken, 4 mugs of rootbeer float, 2 curly fries, 1 strawberry waffle and 1 chocolate waffle. The bill came out to be 229,000 Rupiah! But don't be alarmed, the exchange rate is 1SGD to 7822Rupiah. You can do your sums now. It's not exactly cheap, but for an experience that I can never have in Singapore, it's all worth it. The waffles and rootbeer were as yummy as how I last had it in Singapore, which was at least 10 years ago. The fried chicken however paled in comparison with Singapore's KFC. The seasoning was way too salty for our liking. 
Halfway through our meal, Ben saw a mosquito swimming in his rootbeer, I immediately checked my mug, and to my horror, a big housefly was swimming in mine. It's really rare to see houseflies drowning in water, and that housefly actually flew into my rootbeer float and drowned. Really gross, but funny at the same time.
And that's me feeling happy after brunch 
Mandatory picture with the A&W mascot

We walked around the mall after brunch and look what they have at Timezone arcade!
It's really really pretty!

We walked around somemore, and decided that there was nothing else to see, thus we decided to go for more food. We settled for this restaurant that had a nice view of the sea.
What we ordered:
Chicken Satay on hotplate and mee goreng (indo-mee)

We were feeling kinda disappointed in the food, and the things in that mall, so we cabbed to Nagoya Hill mall, which is supposedly the biggest mall. Our taxi ride costs 60,000 Rupiah there, and 70,000 rupiah back. When we reached Nagoya Hill mall, we were once again disappointed. No doubt it is big, but there's still nothing to buy. So we turned to more food, in hope of curing our disappointment, but then we got even more disappointed. 

We headed to this place selling seafood, just right outside the mall, at the food street.
What we ordered:
Stir fried vegetables, battered squid, and steamed fish
The dishes weren't particularly good, but it wasn't that bad either. It's just the standard of our normal tze char stall, but slightly cheaper.

I was so glad to see Ayam Penyet Ria, and I just had to try it!
What we ordered: 
Ayam Soto, Gado gado, and Ayam penyet
The ayam soto and gado gado was okay, but the ayam penyet was really disappointing. The piece of chicken was so small, with hardly any meat on it. I wonder if the Ayam Penyet Ria in Singapore serves chicken of this size too. But I have to say that the chilli was really awesome! I'm so going to the outlet in Singapore to try the ayam penyet soon.

Alright, that's about all we did in Batam yesterday. I probably won't head to Batam again until 20 years later. 

I'll be back with a post on my dinner at Saveur with my babes really soon! 

Su Shan