Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Food post

 Hola people! It's the 3rd day of prelims. Just had my Accounting prelims today, and it's totally bad. I really gotta buck up for the next 2 months. No more wasting time on tv shows and going out. I gotta mug all the way!

 Alright, so these few days I've been meeting my friends to school for breakfast before our papers.

First time trying out the zhajiang mian in school, and it's really nice!

After mixing it. It's so so so yummy! I wanna have it now!

Was still feeling full, so I bought some tako balls for lunch! It was really cheap! 6 balls for only 2 bucks!

After studying, I met my mum for dinner at Ajisen. Her fav place for ramen. 

 Volcano ramen

Spicy Charsiew ramen

Some crispy squid for our sides

This post is seriously making me hungry! I shall stop here. Heh. Gotta prepare to go for tuition soon! Movie date with Ruey Chyi and Casan after Maths prelims tmr! Can't wait! I'll be back with more posts soon! 

Su Shan

Monday, February 27, 2012

What a day

 Heavy rain and traffic this morning. Good thing we arranged to meet earlier for breakfast. If not I'll definitely be late for my paper. Phew. 

Can't really see the rain though, but it was really cold. I was practically freezing throughout the whole bus ride. 

Favourite mushroom ee mian for breakfast. So stuffed after breakfast.

Let the exam hall early, so Xinmei and I took some pictures while waiting for Ruey Chyi and Casan. Talked to Jia Ying and Xinmei about how I was feeling. Really glad to have friends around me who will listen and give me advice.

My outfit for school today. Really love the shiny pocket. 

Stats paper tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be manageable. I don't want to be so demoralized after prelims. I gotta pull up my socks and buck up! Will be back with more!

Su Shan

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Too short of time

Who likes runny egg yolks

I love ice lemon tea with lots of lemon!

 Yummy chicken ham and cheese croissant

I just love to camwhore

Decided not to put on eyeliner today

Too damn stress, but not doing anything about it. Damn it!

It's Day 1 of prelims tmr, and I feel really unprepared for it. A self consolation point is that it is not counted in my overall exams. So most of us are just going down for the atmosphere and to "test water" tomorrow. So wish me luck!

Su Shan

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A weekend date with my mum

Hi people, it's Saturday! Hope all of you are having a great time. My Saturday was well spent with my mum, going for a buffet lunch at Triple three Mandarin Orchard. The food wasn't exactly to my expectations. There weren't many varieties and the quality of the food was only alright. However, considering that I had the Groupon voucher, it was still alright. Totally not worth it if you're intending to go as a full priced patron. The buffet at Raffles Hotel owns this hands down. Some pictures that I took today. They were all taken from my iphone, which explains the quality of the picture, so bear with me please!

Started of with Sashimi which was a little to thick in my opinion

 Creamy Potato soup which was quite good

 Tempura delights with fish, sweet potato and cucumber, but no prawns. I really wonder why.

Cream based spaghetti with lots of ingredients

Roasted duck drumstick which was quite good.

Roti prata with chicken curry

More fried finger food. I really liked the fried squid with salt. Yums

Fried rice with braised sea cucumber


Gave the other desserts a miss as I was too stuffed from all those food that I had. 

So after eating, it's time for some pictures of myself! Heh. Mum didn't want a picture uploaded on my blog, cause she claims to have a bad hair day. Hah, so cute huh. So I shall just flood this post with my pictures then! 

Smile, even when you're feeling down

Outfit of the day

Obsessed with taking pictures of outfits

Went for a little shopping with my mum, but didn't manage to get anything. Boohoo. I don't like the feeling of intending to shop, but not getting anything in the end. :(

Alright, shall end this post here. 

P.s. It's been a week, I don't know how you feel currently, but I felt really empty today as I was in town. I was so afraid that I would bump into you at the places that we usually hang out. Oh well, I guess I just shouldn't head to town on weekends in order not to remind me of the sad stuff. I may look or sound alright, but deep down, there are still many questions as to why we ended up like that. I really don't wanna think about it anymore, but it's just so damn difficult. This week has been really torturous for me. Let's hope that next week will be a better one. 

Su Shan

Friday, February 24, 2012


Hola people, how was your Friday night? Just a short post. I went for my Oath taking today. So what's Oath taking? It's actually for people like me who isn't born in Singapore to declare that we want to be Singapore citizens. The process was pretty fast, only about an hour despite going at a lunch time. It was pretty awkward when I had to stand and read a paragraph of the declaration. Luckily it's just a short part. Some pictures that I snapped while I was on my way there, and yummy yummy food!

Wings to freedom ring

Fried Fish ee mian

 Oyster omelette with huge oysters

Lastly, a very cute picture of my newest tutee. :)

 Alright, I shall end this post here. Will be back with more tomorrow! I'll be going for a buffet lunch with my mum tomorrow. I'm so gonna hit on lots of the sashimi, cause I'm craving for them now! 

Have a great weekend guys

Su Shan

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just another Tuesday

It's the first time trying the chicken shread mee sua and crispy chicken from 可口味. I still prefer the Shilin chicken and mee sua though. 

Have been trying to study for the whole day while random thoughts keep running through my mind as I listen to this really emo song 四季. I find the lyrics very meaningful and can totally relate to how I'm feeling currently. 

Oh well, I keep telling myself that I will be able to do it, to move on and lead a better life. However, I realized that when I'm alone at home, I tend to think a lot, and it's usually the things that we've been through together. I keep wondering if that's the real reason to all these shit, but how would I know if it isn't? 

Been trying to put on a brave front so that my friends won't feel so sad or worried for me. Even to prove to myself that I can do it. But at certain points, I still can't help but to breakdown. Read through my past entries and realized that we've actually had lots of nice memories, and I once missed you that much. I actually still do. I don't want to go to places that we've been before, but I realized that it's impossible, because throughout the 3.5 years we've been to almost every part of Singapore. I see images of us everywhere.

Let's just hope that time will really heal. 

p.s. I know the whole point of setting up a new blog is to blog about the new life that I'm leading. Please let this be the last time I dwell on the past and move on, because I really have to. 

Su Shan

A brand new start

Hola people, this shall be my brand new blog. Hopefully I'll keep up with the blogging spirit. It has been a really tough week for me. Had to prepare for prelims which I totally think that I won't do well, as well as cope with some relationship problems. So this blog shall be my brand new start, and that I've deleted the other blog, so do visit this space when you have time!

Anyway, I'm really glad that I have all the wonderful friends supporting me through this tough time. Really really thankful to all of them. I met up with Ruey Chyi and Casan with the intention to do some revision for our prelims, but we ended up going to kbox to release all our stress and sadness. Had fun with them while singing and attempting to do some work at kbox. After our kbox session, I got to meet up with Hiromi for a dinner date. It was really nice talking to her, and I've come to a realization that there may be more than what I hear or choose to believe, but I would choose to believe in trust. Alright picture time, but before that, Hiromi and I have come up with an acronym that's FAB. Have fun guessing what does that mean!

With my BFF, Hiromi


Candid shot

And I have one too

Fight that sadness with a smile

Kimchi Nabe

Hotplate Gyozas

Had dinner at Watami and we ordered a lot of food! But they were all too yummy and we were busy talking, so no pictures. Boohoo. :( I'll make sure I snap a picture of all the food next time before I start talking! Anyway, I've been really into taking outfit pictures these days, so here are some of the outfits to share! 

I'll continue to take pictures of more outfits and food! Will be back with more substantial posts soon! Do leave a comment if there's anything that you wanna know! 

Su Shan