Monday, February 27, 2012

What a day

 Heavy rain and traffic this morning. Good thing we arranged to meet earlier for breakfast. If not I'll definitely be late for my paper. Phew. 

Can't really see the rain though, but it was really cold. I was practically freezing throughout the whole bus ride. 

Favourite mushroom ee mian for breakfast. So stuffed after breakfast.

Let the exam hall early, so Xinmei and I took some pictures while waiting for Ruey Chyi and Casan. Talked to Jia Ying and Xinmei about how I was feeling. Really glad to have friends around me who will listen and give me advice.

My outfit for school today. Really love the shiny pocket. 

Stats paper tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be manageable. I don't want to be so demoralized after prelims. I gotta pull up my socks and buck up! Will be back with more!

Su Shan

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