Saturday, February 25, 2012

A weekend date with my mum

Hi people, it's Saturday! Hope all of you are having a great time. My Saturday was well spent with my mum, going for a buffet lunch at Triple three Mandarin Orchard. The food wasn't exactly to my expectations. There weren't many varieties and the quality of the food was only alright. However, considering that I had the Groupon voucher, it was still alright. Totally not worth it if you're intending to go as a full priced patron. The buffet at Raffles Hotel owns this hands down. Some pictures that I took today. They were all taken from my iphone, which explains the quality of the picture, so bear with me please!

Started of with Sashimi which was a little to thick in my opinion

 Creamy Potato soup which was quite good

 Tempura delights with fish, sweet potato and cucumber, but no prawns. I really wonder why.

Cream based spaghetti with lots of ingredients

Roasted duck drumstick which was quite good.

Roti prata with chicken curry

More fried finger food. I really liked the fried squid with salt. Yums

Fried rice with braised sea cucumber


Gave the other desserts a miss as I was too stuffed from all those food that I had. 

So after eating, it's time for some pictures of myself! Heh. Mum didn't want a picture uploaded on my blog, cause she claims to have a bad hair day. Hah, so cute huh. So I shall just flood this post with my pictures then! 

Smile, even when you're feeling down

Outfit of the day

Obsessed with taking pictures of outfits

Went for a little shopping with my mum, but didn't manage to get anything. Boohoo. I don't like the feeling of intending to shop, but not getting anything in the end. :(

Alright, shall end this post here. 

P.s. It's been a week, I don't know how you feel currently, but I felt really empty today as I was in town. I was so afraid that I would bump into you at the places that we usually hang out. Oh well, I guess I just shouldn't head to town on weekends in order not to remind me of the sad stuff. I may look or sound alright, but deep down, there are still many questions as to why we ended up like that. I really don't wanna think about it anymore, but it's just so damn difficult. This week has been really torturous for me. Let's hope that next week will be a better one. 

Su Shan

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