Sunday, September 9, 2012

Funfilled Saturday

Hello guys! I'm back with and update! So yesterday, Jiaying and her boyfriend KS brought my on a short road trip to JB. Although I've been to JB countless of times, it's pretty different this time round, because I'm taking a friend's ride. I swear I was so excited the whole time. So our day started out with JY and KS coming over to my place to pick me up. After that, we proceeded to the custom and got our passports chopped before heading in for lunch. We had lunch at the chinese restaurant that served pretty yummy chinese cuisine. After lunch, we headed to the Johore Premium outlet mall for some shopping. I didn't really get many items, but I really loved the C&K clutch and a pair of shoes that I bought. We window shopped a little, and moved back to City Square to get some mooncakes. After that, we settled our dinner at some big hawker that serves BBQ stingray, awesome Penang Charkwayteow and oyster omelette. I got lots of kueh at a really cheap price too. The whole trip yesterday was just about buying buying and buying. It was really fun hanging out with JY and KS too. The super nice and accommodating couple.
Alright, here are some pictures that I have to share!

Tigger driving
Massive camwhore session throughout the journey to JB

After the long wait at the customs, we finally crossed the borders and made it to our first destination, which was also the place we had lunch at.
The place where we had our lunch

We ordered our food, and another round of camwhoring starts.
JY and KS
JY and Me! <3

And here comes the food!
Complimentary huge size of watermelon for every table
Paper wrapped chicken (Direct translation from mandarin) Lolol. This tasted a little like herbal chicken, but the gravy was less bitter without the strong herbal chicken taste. I loved that the chicken meat was flavourful and really tender. This is super yums!
Sambal Kangkong.
In my opinion, it is a must to order sambal kangkong in Malaysia. I have no idea why, but their kangkong and the chilli just goes perfectly well with each other and it's so tasty!
Thai style fried squid. We all felt that the sauce was a tad too sour, but the squid was Q and fresh. Just that the batter wasn't the crispy kind. Other than that everything else was good.
 Hotplate beancurd. This dish took a good 30 mins to be served. I don't know why it took such a long time, but it was definitely worth the wait. The tofu was soft and yet had a very unique texture to it. It's really different from those that we have in Singapore. I loved this dish. Yums!

So that's all we had for lunch. Simple, yet really fulfilling.

Saw this random durian stall while walking back to the car. I just had to take a picture of it, cause we hardly see this in Singapore.

After a 30 mins drive, we finally arrived at the Johore Premium Outlet mall.
Some pictures that we took at the Premium outlet mall.

After shopping for about 3 hours, we got what we needed to get, and off we went to City Square. But before that, I spammed more pictures of myself. Hahhaha! (What I do best)

After our mooncake shopping at City Square, we headed to our last destination of the day, and also our last activity of the day, which was dinner!
Penang Char Kway Teow
The char kway teow was really good! With a generous portion of cockles. Although I don't usually eat cockles, I accidentally had one, and it's actually quite fresh. So thumbs up to fresh seafood and yummy kway teow.
Oyster Omelette
The oysters were really fresh and nice. But I thought that their oyster omelette and the ones that we have in Singapore are a little different. It was still yummy, though I prefer the ones that we have in Singapore more.
Garlic lala (Clams)
This was the first time trying clams. I must say that it was pretty tasty, especially with lots of garlic. Yums. I love anything with garlic, and this really tasted like aglio olio.
BBQ Stingray
I loved BBQ stingray, and this was pretty decent. Not the best that I've had, but definitely good enough for that spice kick, and tender meat.

And with this meal, we ended our one day trip to JB. This is definitely one of the best trips to JB that I had, and I'm looking forward to more trips to JB with JY and KS soon!

Alright, that's all that I have for this post. Will be back with more updates!

Have a great week ahead!

Su Shan

Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's Friday!

Hi guys, I'm back with a short update on what I did on Friday, which was yesterday. So basically I had lessons till 6.30pm and I rushed off to Jcube to meet beloved Lay Peng and Jasmine for dinner at Chili's. It's actually my 2nd time visiting Chili's. The first time was about a year back when I visited the outlet at Sentosa. Food wise, I must say that the portions are really huge for the chips, and they are refillable. As for the other dish Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers®, I felt that the portions were cut down from the previous time I went. Nonetheless, they are still pretty yummy I must say.
Here are some pictures that we took!

 We ordered some drinks while waiting for Jas to arrive.


Then the food came! We were famished by then!
 Chips with Salsa.
 Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers®
Personally, I felt that the chicken was coated with too much sauce, which made it a little too sweet to my liking. Other than that, everything else was good! We changed the sides to potato salad instead of the usual corn bob.

Just by ordering these 2 dishes, we were already pretty full. Probably from all that yummy chips! The total damage for that meal was $46.80 which I thought was pretty reasonable. So I'll definitely be back for more, and I think it's a perfect place for gatherings, and their dishes are great for sharing.

After dinner, we went to Nana's Green Tea Cafe for a round of desserts and chit chat session.

BUT before that, girls are always girls. We always have to camwhore a little in the washroom right? Hahah!
My cutie pies! :)

Awesome green tea float and some green tea dessert.
I didn't really fancy the dessert cause I thought it was a tad too sweet. Nonetheless, it's still quite special. Give it a try if you're a green tea fan!
2 Jurong East Central 1
 #03-10 JCube
Tel: 6884 3882Nana's Green Tea Cafe
JCube #02-19
2 Jurong East Central 1
Alright, that's all I have for this post! I totally can't wait for all my tests to end on the 5th of Sept! I'll be back to update this space really soon! <3
Su Shan