Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1st paper down, 3 more to go

Hello guys, I'm back with a short update before I head back into my boring Accounting lecture notes. So, I'm done with my Econs test today, and I still have 3 more papers to go. Totally can't wait for 5th of Sept when all these irritating tests will be over and I can fully enjoy my time with my friends. Okay, so back to this post, my classmates and I headed out for lunch today after our paper to destress as well as to celebrate Gwen's birthday. Initially I suggested to go to Riders Cafe, but we drove all the way there just to see a sign saying that it was their employee's day so they were closed! So disappointing! We then wanted to visit another brunch venue along sixth Avenue, but we couldn't find parking lots. So in the end, we settled for lunch at Holland Village. Here are some of the pictures that we snapped!

My cute classmates!
Having fun in the car! :D

We settled for lunch at NYDC in Holland V, and I must say that the food is pretty good, and value for money.
Snapped some pictures before the food was served. 

And then, finally we can start eating! We were all famished from over utilizing our brain for the test, and going rounds rounds around Bukit Timah.
 Soup of the day
Salad, which we all thought was a tad too sour.
Extremely yummy baked rice with fresh shrimps, cajun chicken cubes, button mushrooms and garlic cream sauce. This dish is really absolutely mouth-watering. I'll definitely head back for this baked rice again!

And guess what? This set meal only costs $9.80++. It's really value for money in my opinion. 

So, it's Gwen's Birthday today, but we were all too stuffed for cakes, so we got her a slice of chocolate cake just so that she can make a wish, and blow out the candles. This is a definite must for all birthdays right? :) Really hope that Gwen had a surprise, and that she will like our little hand written notes to her. <3
Birthday Girl!
Group shots! <3

And last but not least
I find the both of them very cute!

So here's my little note to Gwen:
Happy birthday Gwenny! Although I always make fun of you and J, (I hope you won't mind) you know that I still love you right? Hahhaha. Although we've only known each other for slightly more than a month, I think we can really clique, and you're a really sweet girl. Always listening to my problems and stuff. You know that I'll also be here for you no matter what right? So feel free to tell me if you have any problems! :) All the best in finding your Mr Right, and of course, don't neglect your studies! We'll have loads of fun after the 5th of Sept, and I totally can't wait! <3 Happy Birthday again, and I hope you've had fun with us today! :)

Alright, this shall be all for this post.

 I'll be back with more updates soon! 

Su Shan

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Hi guys! It's a Sunday again, and I'm back with a backdated post that I was supposed to post more than a week ago. So last Thursday, I met up with Hiromi for a short dinner meet up at Koko Rooloo. The name of the place sounds really cute in my opinion. So are you guessing what kind of a restaurant this is? It is actually a Korean restaurant located at Tanjong Pagar. It's a really small restaurant run by Koreans, so the food there is really authentic and pretty tasty I must say. The price of the food that they serve are really affordable too. So if you love Korean food, do drop by this restaurant for a good meal. 
Alright, some pictures that we snapped on that day!

 Very Korean style restaurant
 Korean rice cakes served as a starters
 Korean Fishcake soup
Seafood Pancake

Posing with our food

We headed to Toms cafe to continue chilling and to snap more pictures!
 I know we took lots of pictures, but that's not all! We left the cafe and while walking, we spotted a nice location to continue snapping pictures! Hahha, such camwhores we are. 

Yup, and that's about it for that day. I totally love meetups like this, chatting over dinner, and massive picture taking. We should totally meetup after my tests for more of such dates! :)

1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza,
 #01-36 Singapore

I'll be back with more posts really soon! 

Have a great week ahead! 

Su Shan