Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Compilation of outfit photos

Hi guys, happy midweek! 2 more days to the weekends! Hang in there everyone! So I'm back with a post on my recent outfits. Maybe not so recent if you have been following me on Instagram or on Facebook. I've been really obsessed with taking outfit pictures, so I thought I'm just gonna share with you where I bought my outfits, from the very first outfit picture that I took, which was months ago. Haha, so please bear with me if you've seen the pictures before.

Right, so this is the very first outfit photo that I took, which got me hooked onto taking outfit pictures from then on. I really love the crotchet lace details of this top. It adds a dainty look to this plain looking top. The colour of this top is really sweet too. I bought this top from JB, and I have an identical piece in black, which I love too!

 This was what I wore for my birthday dinner with my parents. My first midi skirt that I got from Bugis, and a black simple chiffon top that I got from Dotti during my Melbourne trip. The leopard prints chunky necklace was a gift from my friends. From this picture onwards, I fell in love with midi skirts. Heh.

Haha, I know this picture is really very pink. I'm not exactly a fan of pink, but since I was clad in a full pink dress from ASOS, I thought I might as well pair it with the Swarovski bracelet that my friends gave to me for my 21st birthday. Oh, and this was the outfit that I wore to The Illusionists magic show. 

My casual outfit to town. 
I was clad in a striped tube top from Forever 21, black HWS from Bugis, Grey cardigan and my favourite pair of low heels which I got from JB. I love how it is so versatile, and I can match this pair of shoes with almost any outfit. Most importantly, it's extremely comfortable. 

Outfit which I wore for a buffet lunch at Triple three Mandrain Orchard with my mum. 
I was wearing a white top which I exchanged with Casan during our flea, colourful striped skirt from Bysi and studded mustard clutch from City Plaza. I absolutely love using clutches nowadays, and this is one of my favourite clutch. 

My outfit to school.
Black Spangle top with a sequined shimmery pocket that i got from Cineleisure, grey jeggings from Jurong Point, and my favourite brown loafers like shoes from Bugis.

A combination of all my favourite items in this outfit.
I love this Dotti top that I got from Melbourne, this black shorts from bugis, and the pair of brown shoes that is oh so versatile.

Outfit for a Saturday brunch date with my BFF. 
ASOS embellished swing vest with a dainty wine red skirt and a pair of comfy heels. 

Outfit to town on a Sunday
Clad in a black contrasting collar top from Bugis, Dark denim jeggings from H&M, bag from Charles and Keith and Brown sandals from Charles and Keith too. This pair of brown sandals is so worth it. It's so versatile and comfortable.

Another midi skirt outfit. 
This midi skirt was from ASOS. I love the forest green colour and the material was fab. I matched it with the black dotti top, sandals, and a leopard print clutch. 

Oh, this was when I cut my my fringe. To be really honest, I miss my long fringe. Hahah. I wore this outfit to the Titanic Exhibition. I love the beaded collar that my mum got for me from BKK and the navy blue bandaged skirt from bugis.

Casual outfit for brunch
White pocketed tee from cotton on, denim HWS from Far East Plaza, my favourite clutch and the most comfortable footwear in the world, my Havianas.

Outfit for my friend's party. Her theme was black and gold. 
So I was clad in my very first Maxi dress that I got from Supre, and matched it with the leopard prints necklace and the C&K brown sandals.

Another party outfit. The theme was polka dots. 
I got this Polka dot dress from Bugis. It was initially a long skirt, but I had it altered to a length that is suitable for a midi skirt, and a tube dress. Matched it with a beige vest that I got from City Plaza.

 Outfit for my grandma's birthday celebration
I got the top from Gmarket. I absolutely love the material and the cutting of this top. It's not just the usual long sleeved top, but the material is shimmery, which makes it pretty special. It's not visible in this picture, but my cousins also complimented that this was a nice top. So I paired this top with a HW denim shorts and a pair of ballerina flats that i got from New Look. 

Outfit for a Saturday with the babes
I was wearing the floral romper from The Velvet Dolls, G2000 grey blazer and Ballerina flats from New Look. This G2000 blazer is one of my favourite blazers, cause of the green striped inner lining. 

And one last outfit that I have to share for now, will be the Pastel green collared top that I bought from H&M. I liked this top cause it's really long, and I can match it with jeggings, or even wear it as a dress for the petite girls. But I chose to match it with a pair of HWS for a casual day out to town. 

Alright, these are all the outfit picutres that I have for now. I'll continue to take more outfit photos and probably just post them after every post. Sounds good? Haha. Anyway, please pardon me for some of the blurry pictures, cause they are all taken from my iphone.

Have a great day ahead guys!

Su Shan