Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Junie's 21st Birthday Party

Happy midweek guys! I'm back with a post on Junie's 21st Birthday Party at Amara Hotel. I must say that the hotel room was really big and cosy. It felt more like a loft than a hotel room, with a small kitchen, a living room, and a bedroom. It's really a nice place to hold parties at. :) We had lots of fun that day, camwhoring the whole time, making potato salad, and eating! Here are some of the pictures that I have to share!

Part of the hotel room
 Colourful Balloons!
The room
While the Birthday girls was busy dolling herself up, we had to touch up on our make up too. Hahaha
Pretty Birthday Girl with her Hello Kitty Balloon
Spamming pictures amongst the babes! <3
The sweetest couple ever! :)
Just look at the spread of food, and the potato salad that the babes mixed. Waahaha, the potato salad was extremely delicious!

After a round of photo taking and feasting, it was time to cut the cake!
Gorgeous Birthday girl with her Branded Chanel Cake. Hahaha
 The babes, with the Birthday girl! <3
Birthday girl cutting the cake
We took a few other pictures before we called it a day, and started talking and watching tv together. 
Birthday girl opening her gift! :)

Alright, as usual, I shall end off with a short note to the Birthday Girl.
Happy 21st Birthday Junie! Today is your actual birthday, so I'm writing this post today! I hope you've had an awesome party with our company, although I know we really took a lot of pictures, and you had a hard time tagging us. Hahaha, please remember that we love you babeeee! <3 Oh, and you were the very first friend that I made at the start of our Poly days. I'm really glad to have made an awesome friend like you and now The Babes are all going to grow old together! We will be the 老伴s forever okay! <3Happy 21st again to you, and enjoy your special day! :D

Yup, that's about it for this post. I'll be starting my first day of work tomorrow, and I am really nervous! Gotta hit the sack soon to prepare for a long day tomorrow.

Will be back with more posts really soon! 

P.S. Photo credits to Junie, the Birthday Girl and Trey. 

Su Shan