Sunday, June 3, 2012

Outing with the babes

Hi guys! I'm back with an update of my outing with the babes today. I swear it was a super fun day! We practically spent the whole day talking, singing and drinking. We just have so much to talk about, and joke about. Okay, so our day started out with lunch at TCC. We then walked around Orchard and went to Cine for a Kbox session. Ever since I got the KALA card, I've been visiting Kbox almost every week. Oh, and their KALA card is no longer $6 nett, the price increased to $8 nett, but it comes with 2 drinks, instead of the previous 1 drink per pax. After that, we went to Clarke Quay to drink and we were in a dilemma as to whether we should club, but we chose not to in the end. Haha. Alright, some pictures to share!

The Babes! <3
We camwhored a little (as usual) before our food arrived.
Seafood aglio olio (Junie, Lay Peng and I had this)
Jasmine's crayfish pasta

With our pasta

We all agreed in unison that we preferred Jasmine's pasta, cause the pasta is cream based, and had a rich flavourful tinge in comparison to our aglio olio. 

 Two more camwhore shots in the washroom before we left.

Next up, we walked over to Cine for a Kbox session! We love singing, and we're intending to head to Kbox again next week. Hahha. Oh and the 4 of us bought a jiemei iphone cover again. This time round it's a pastel yellow cover. So in love with pastel colours these days, and fyi, this cover only cost $2. :)
In Kbox. 

We sang from 4pm till 7pm and left for Clarke Quay.
Pouting babes
A series of self timed shots. 
Oh and a question for you guys: Can you spot the outfit theme of the day? Hehe.

Walked over to Crazy Elephant for some drinks, but too bad, they ran out of mint leaves, so there goes my Mojito.
Our drinks
With our drinks
CHEERS to The awesome babes! Hehehe! 

We finished up our drinks and walked to the entrance of Rebel, but we just stood there, contemplating whether to go in or not, but in the end, we headed to Macs at Liang Court for supper. Lol at us, seriously. The four of us should totally go and club together some day, it'll be super fun, I foresee. Haha.
And so, our day ended with McDonald's criss-cut fries and spicy nuggets. Well, it's also an awesome way to end our day. I totally can't wait for our next outing, which will be pretty soon! <3

2 Orchard Turn #B2-49 ION Orchard
Phone : 6509 6106

Crazy Elephant
Clarke Quay, 3E River
Valley Road, #01-03/04,
Singapore 179024
T (+65) 6337 7859

Alright, that's all that I have for today. 
So tired now, another outing to go tomorrow. I'll be back real soon! :)

Have a fab weekend guys!

Su Shan