Thursday, June 14, 2012

Awesome Thursday

Hi guys, I'm back with a post! I met up with Yuan Ting this afternoon for some catch up session over sushi buffet! It was really nice reminiscing the good old Secondary School days. We used to hang out very often after school over at my place. Studying and playing basketball. It's been a really long time since we had the chance to hang out freely and just talk nonsense. More of such dates please! Alright, here are some pictures that we snapped today, over at my house and while we're having sushi!

What an awesome day for a swim
Introducing my Secondary friend: Yuan Ting! :)
I'm loving my new black clutch that I bought

Looking at Yuan Ting's super long hair, makes me miss mine so badly. 
Old School Tic-tac-toe.

After a round of catching up and picture taking, we went for sushi! I love sushi, so much so that I can have it everyday! Hahah. And so, the picture taking continues.
Posing with our hand rolls.

We were extremely stuffed after this meal, and this became our only meal of the day. Hahha. Yup, I had an awesome Thursday out with this babe, and we'll have more meetups really soon!

Alright, and I shall end this post with my outfit of the day. 
Top from Gmarket, Clutch from a blogshop, Bottom from Bugis Street and my Havainas. I love casual outfits like these! <3

Have a great rest tonight lovelies!

Su Shan