Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lay Peng's Pastel 21st

Hi guys! I'm back with an update on Lay Peng's 21st party yesterday! Her party was held at Chevrons, and my super nice dad allowed me to drive there, so I could stay on a little later. I swear we had so much fun among ourselves, snapping pictures, taking videos (which means you can expect a vlog at the end of this post), munching on the extremely yummy buffet spread that Lay Peng's mum prepared, and of course, talking incessantly. Hahahaha! I simply love attending parties with these lovely babes of mine. I'll never be bored with them around! <3 Alright, here are some of the pictures that we snapped!

I picked up Everlyn and Huay Leng and we met Junie and Trey at the carpark when we reached coincidentally.
 So it's pretty obvious that the theme of the party is.......... Pastel!

Pretty Birthday Girl
 LOVE my babes! And happy 21st to the ever cutesy Lay Peng! <3

So while everyone was outside having dinner, we stayed in the chalet to do what we do best, that's to take more pictures!
The babes nails, in different shades of green
Attempting to go Korean
A picture with Clive and his girlfriend, Hui Shi. 
 Spamming love on the guest book
 Time for some BBQ food!
Part of our Poly classmates

After a round of food and massive picture taking, it was time to cut the cake! 
Pretty cake that matches a pretty owner!
 L04 Poly classmates! <3

As usual, here's my little note to Lay Peng: 
Happy 21st Birthday babe! We've known each other for more than 4 years already, and we've seen each other change for the better throughout these 4 years. It's really awesome to have a friend like you who is ever cheerful and will never fail to cheer people up when they're down. :) Although we often make fun of you, or post some unglam stuff of you, please be assured that you're deeply loved by me, and the babes! Hehehe, stay cheerful and pretty! Love you babe! <3

Lastly, here's a compilation of the videos that we took yesterday. Please brace yourself for a good laugh, or well, at least we did! Enjoy!


Alright, that's all for this post. 

Have a good rest and be all recharged for work/school tomorrow!

Su Shan