Thursday, July 19, 2012

JB day trip with the babes

Hi guys, I'm back with the JB trip post that the babes and I went last Saturday. We met at about 10am and headed to Kranji Mrt to take bus 170. Guess what, the queue was intimidating long, and we couldn't even board the bus. So our last resort was to take some other bus that would lead us to somewhere near the Woodlands Checkpoint and we had to walk all the way in. I swear that was the longest walk ever, and that sort of dampened our mood a little. The weather on Saturday was pretty bad too, from drizzles to heavy rain when we reached JB. Nonetheless, we still braved the rain and cabbed to Holiday Plaza, where we got some Iphone accessories and Lay Peng and I got hair curlers, so I can officially curl my hair myself now! AWESOME! Alright, some pictures to go!

First Stop: Old Town at City Square to settle our brunch!
Awesome Iced Hazelnut Coffee
We were so thirsty! Hahaha!
And we ordered 4 sets of Old Town Chicken Nasi Lemak with extra chilli! We were famished by the time we reached Old Town and started gobbling down our food. So that explains why there are pretty little pictures. Haha. Oh well, this goes to show that the nasi lemak is really delicious! All four of us loved it!

After our hearty brunch, we walked around City Square and headed to Holiday Plaza! We were too busy looking for a nice iphone cover that the four of us can change to, and busy making friends with all the sales people there, in an attempt to get a discount. Hah! They didn't give us a lot of discount, but it's just so fun to ask them to lower the price, even if it's just 1RM. Apparently we failed in the end, but it's a good experience. Headed to KSL Mall to do some light shopping, and have 51 tauhuay! 
And guess who we saw there while walking around in Watsons.
"Mr WAHWAHWAH!" aka Clive and his girlfriend Hui Shi. Hahaha! It was damn epic, Clive saw us and went like "Wah Wah Wah" and we were like "OMG!" So amazed that we can actually meet friends in JB. Heh! So a group picture is a must! Heh! 

Yup, pretty glad to see familiar faces in a foreign land. Haha, so we were feeling a little hungry and tired, we decided to try out Oyster King that is located at the basement of KSL.
Tired faces
Yummy oyster omelette and fried beehoon with lala. We ordered two sets. Each set comes with one Oyster Omelette and one Fried Bee Hoon with lala. The Oyster omelette is pretty different from the ones we have in Singapore. It's a bit more like the carrot cake that we have, but the oysters were really fresh. The beehoon was really good too, with generous portions of the ingredients. The lala and egg. So it's a good choice to try this stall out.

And what's a girls date out without some desserts? 
And so we had 51 Soya Beancurd for desserts! It's so good! Totally comparable to Laoban! Noms!

Just before we took a cab back to the customs, we just had to buy some Auntie Anne's pretzel back, cause the prices are so affordable! Almost half of what the Singapore pretzels are priced at. 
Awesome pretzels. I'm actually craving for the cinnamon and sugar one now. It's too yummy!

Yup, that's about all that we did in JB on Saturday. Pretty sad that we didn't get to eat the awesome shabu shabu. But we still had fun nonetheless. Anyway, I've come to a conclusion that it's really a better choice to head to JB on a weekday. With shorter queues for the bus ride and lesser people at the shopping malls. 

Alright, I shall end my post here and head to bed really soon! 

Have a great Friday and I'll be back really soon!

Su Shan