Thursday, July 5, 2012

Outing with The Babes

Hi guys! It's finally Thursday! One more day to the weekends! I really can't wait for work to end tomorrow so I can hang out with my favourite people, aka The babes! We've been meeting up very often these days, and I'm absolutely loving every single time we meet up! We will be on a constant haunt for nice brunch and supper places, which means I'll be able to share it with you guys! How awesome right? :) Alright, so last week we met up and had a whole day of fun! Our first stop was to have brunch at Pique Nique, next to Kbox and the movie Dictator, then for some mini shopping and dinner at this awesome ramen place, followed by mahjong at Lay Peng's house and supper! Totally a whole day filled with activities! Pretty tiring, but extremely fun too! So here are some of the pictures that I have to share!

 Brunch at Pique Nique! 
All the single ladies~ Hahahah!
 All of us Obsessed with Instagram. Hahaha!

After about 20 mins of wait, our food finally arrived! 
All the four girls ordered this same dish. The farmer's omelette which we all thought was quite good!
Look at all the ingredients! YUMS!
Trey's meatball pasta

The sweet sweet couple with their food! 
 And us with our omelette!

We only ordered two varieties of food the other time, so I can't exactly comment on whether the other varieties that Pique Nique serve is good. However, I personally feel that they have nice omelette. The ingredients inside the omelette was yummy, and goes will with the toast. The price of this omelette is really reasonable too. So if you love omelette, please do give it a try. 

After brunch, we went off to Cine for Kbox and our movie! I swear The Dictator is extremely hilarious! I literally laughed from the start of the movie to the end. We were so obsessed with the movie such that we even went to download the songs of the movie and I actually attempted to come up with a dance for it. Really silly, but well, best friends does silly things together right? Hahaha!
Love these girls to bits! The babes forever! <3
And then we started spamming videos in Kbox. Super funny and happy! We were all just enjoying ourselves, and it was super fun!!

We had ramen for dinner after our movie and kbox session. 
 This is the awesome ramen place! Everyone should at least come here once to try it! They have the best garlic fried rice and gyozas in my opinion!
The interior. Not exactly classy, but they serve super nice food at affordable prices!
Lay Peng's Tianjin fan It is actually rice with some ingredients and a super yummy sauce!
Trey's dinner set! Super huge and it's only $18! Mega worth it!
Our ramen!
And last but not least, our awesome gyoza! This is really awesome! I'm missing it now, should head to Somerset to have this soon!

All of them loved this place too, so I'm glad that I didn't make a wrong recommendation! Hehe. So all Jap food lovers, or rather, everyone should visit this place! The food definitely wouldn't disappoint! 

Next up, we went to Lay Peng's house for Mahjong, and being a newbie, I actually "ZHA HU" which means I thought I won, but actually I was still lacking of some tiles to win that round. So pathetic right? No beginners luck at all. I really need some mahjong master to give me a crash course before I can play mahjong again! Hahaha! And so we were supposed to go to Swee Choon for supper that night, but apparantly it was a Tuesday night and Swee Choon is closed on Tuesdays. Gosh, damn unlucky. Luckily we didn't make a wasted trip from the West to the East. We found another dimsum place which is Wan Dou Sek "126" in Cantonese.
Haha, read the Chinese characters.
Dimsum that we ordered. We were feeling extremely sad that Swee Choon wasn't open, and furthermore it was really late at night, so we didn't order that much. My personal favourite must be the Chee Cheong Fun. I liked the sauce. It's the thick sauce kind, unlike the usual soy sauce CCF. I guess this place is really famous, with like lots of people eating there at about 4am and cabs waiting around. So if you're hungry in the middle of the night, and you live in the East, head down to "126" for supper!

Pique Nique
 391A Orchard Road, 
#B1-01/02 Takashimaya Shopping Centre, 
Ngee Ann City Tower A, Singapore

5 Koek Road, 
#01-10 Cuppage Plaza, Singapore
TEL: +65 6735 7068
Wan Dou Sek Dimsum
126 Sims Avenue, Singapore
TEL: +65 6746 475

Alright just before I end this post, here's a vlog of us having fun in Kbox! Please don't judge us for our voices or how crazy we are. We just wanna have fun! Enjoy! :)

Credits to Jasmine for this super funny video! 

Alright, that's about it for this post! 
Will be back with more updates after my shopping trip with the babes tomorrow after work! 

Goodnight guys! 

Su Shan 


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