Thursday, October 11, 2012

Having fun while studying

Hi guys, this will be a really short post, but with lots of images, so please don't get sick of looking at my face. Hahahha! So yesterday Eileen and I met up at Ngee Ann Poly to study for our upcoming exams. Going back to Ngee Ann really brings back a lot of memories. I really miss all the awesome time that I had with my friends during my Poly days. Okay back to the point, we had lunch at Munch and went to the library for our revision. The library was freezing cold! I suggest everyone who is intending to head to NP library to bring a thick jacket, and wear long pants. It is really too cold there. Lol. We studied a little, talked a little, and spammed loads of pictures. But at least we got some work done! 
So here are the pictures that we took!

Ayam Panggang for lunch! This is so yummy!
With our lunch!

We left the foodcourt promptly after our food and headed to the library to print the slip to our room.
View from our room
Books and more books
Hard at work.
That's my study buddy Eileen!
Attempted to take some artistic shots, but apparently I'm not a very good photographer. :( Btw, I'm loving my new aztec iPhone cover! Too pretty!

We studied for a little while more and began our series of camwhore shots!
 Good thing I wore this knit top, if not I would have freezed to death.
That's all the pictures that I have on my camera, but being camwhores, we have more on Eileen's phone! Heeheee!
Okay, I think I should stop here, it's getting too image heavy. Hahhaha!

So I shall end off with this one last picture
Lots of love to all my readers! <3

P.s. Credit to Eileen for some of the pictures!

Su Shan