Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mid Autumn Gathering

Hi guys, it's been quite awhile since I last blogged. I've been really  busy with my assignments and tests. So glad that it's all over now. I've to prepare for my final exams that commences on 22nd Oct, and that marks the end of my first sem in RMIT. Time really flies. Okay so this post will be on the Mid Autumn Festival gathering with my family over at my place. My mum lovingly prepared all the homemade dishes and they were all so yummy! Some pictures that I snapped. Please pardon me for the lousy quality, they were all snapped from my iPhone.

Spammed some pictures with 2 of my favourite cousins. I still remember how we used to hang out so often when we were much younger. Now that we're all grown up, I'm still glad that the bond is still there. :)

Alright, after a round of picture spamming, it was time for food!

 Our table of homemade delights
Stir fried brocolli with prawns and scallops
Braised chicken with potatoes, carrots and lotus root
Ngoh Hiang
Fish maw soup
Steamed fish
Roast Pork

The most satisfying lunch ever. I've always loved homecooked meals, and I'm really glad that my mum's cooking skills are improving day by day. Heh! So say yay to more delicious homecooked meals!

After lunch, we cleared up the tables and had mooncake that my aunt bought over. 

Super nice packaging for the mooncakes
Double Yolk Lotus paste mooncake

We continued chatting and I had a really nice time with my family. More of such gathering soon I hope! 

Alright, that shall be all for this post. I'll be back with more after I come back from JB with my UOL friends tmr! So excited! 

Su Shan