Monday, October 8, 2012

Little nephew's 1st Birthday

Hi guys! I'm back with a short update on my little nephew's birthday dinner last night. We had buffet dinner at Furama Hotel. Honestly, the buffet wasn't exactly awesome, but the company made the whole dinner a lot more enjoyable. I had the chance to talk to my cousins whom i don't see really often, as well as all my cute little nieces and nephews. I swear they are all so adorable and I love them to bits!  <3
Here are some pictures that I snapped!

Where we had our dinner

With the Birthday Boy. He is so so so cute! <3

After spamming a series of photos with the birthday boy, I started my food spree. 
Started off with sashimi and some sushi. Who can resist sashimi right? Hahha.
Tried some potato salad, and it proved to be a waste of calories. Boohoo.
I loved this rosti and sausages. Yums!
Grilled beef which was a tad too hard in my opinion
Some other cooked food that they have. I absolutely loved the roasted potatoes, they were so soft and yummy. Love it! the fish was pretty well done too.
Assorted desserts that I shared with my parents
This was good! Durian paste. Totally love anything that has durian. Noms!

Yup, so this basically sums up what I ate last night. The varieties that they offer were kinda disappointing. There wasn't much selection of cooked food, but I guess the rosti and roasted potatoes made up for it. #easilycontented. Hahaha.

After we were done with our dinner, we had the cake cutting ceremony. It's so cute to see the baby boy hold that knife and attempt to cut the super cute and nice cake.
The star of the night with his cute Winnie the Pooh cake. So so nice!
Here's a close up of the cake. So adorable right? 

We sang the birthday song, cut the cake, and ate the cake. We had time to sit down and catch up a little more before we left, and of course, I took the chance to snap more pictures with my niece and cousin. 
She's the birthday boy's sister. So cute too right? Omg. My favourite niece of all! <3
Love my cousin, she's like an older sister to me, always so nice and protective of me. 

Lastly, how can I miss the chance of camwhoring with a cute Winnie the Pooh balloon? Heh!
Too cute! Hehe, I used to like Winnie the Pooh, cause it's so cute and hug-able! :)

That's all that i have for this post. I really love such gatherings with my family. It's nothing short of fun and lots of love! <3

Alright, I'll be back with more posts, but meanwhile have a great monday guys! 

Su Shan