Saturday, October 6, 2012

Non-stop feasting Friday

Hi guys! I'm back with a post on the JB day trip that I went with Bin Xiang and Sin Teck yesterday. Yes, I know, you must be wondering why I always go to JB, but that's because I find it really nice and relaxing to just head in and have a good lunch,walk around and spend less for more items. Hahah. Okay so back to the point. I met the boys at Kranji station at about 10.40am and we bused in to JB! The whole journey was pretty smooth, with no jams and no queues at the customs. So we reached City Square at approximately 11.40am or so. Sin Teck started shopping for some berms at Factory Outlet Store, and we saw a pair of berms that was hugeeeee! Just look at the picture below and you'll know what I mean. Alright so we cabbed to KSL after ST bought his stuff and we settled our lunch there. From then on, it was a series of eating frenzy. I swear I was so full and bloated by the time I left JB. 
Alright, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Hugeeeeee berms and some random snaps at FOS.

We bought the tickets for the movie Universal Soldiers. FYI, this show is totally gruesome and very very brutal. Its the worst movie that I've ever watched. I have no freaking idea what the storyline of this movie was at all. Throughout the whole movie, it was just people killing people, shooting them in their heads and chopping off fingers and toes. I literally closed my eyes throughout the whole movie and I was left annoyed at certain parts of the movie, especially the bright white lights flashing non stop for a period of time during the movie. In short, don't bother watching it, unless you really love those gory scenes.

Spammed some pictures before food was served!

we ordered a plate of gyoza, and each of us ordered a shabu shabu set which comes with a plate of meat, vermicelli/rice/noodles, vegetables and some other ingredients, somewhat like yongtaufoo, but much nicer. The guys were still hungry, so they ordered one more plate of gyoza in addition to the plate that we already ordered before. This lunch was so satisfying, but a little too filling as well. 
Took 2 more pictures before we left for bubble tea, and the lousy movie.

 I got the milk tea with grass jelly, Binz got the ice cream milk tea, whereas Sin Teck got his Teh-O bing from another stall. Hahha, his all time favourite. 

After the movie, we went to Holiday Plaza to get some iPhone accessories. 
While walking there, we saw some old school windows, and we each chose one and took a photo with it. 
And YAY, we're finally here!
We spent some time looking for the right iPhone cases and screen protectors. After which, we left for bak kut teh dinner!

Variety of ingredients that you can choose from to add on to your soup.
 Salted Vegetables
You Tiao
Steaming hot Bak kut teh served in a claypot
Stir fried beansprouts
Sesame oil chicken in a claypot

The total damage for this meal was 70RM, with drinks and rice.Which works out to be about 28.50SGD. Pretty affordable right?

After this meal, we headed back to KSL to buy some food stuff to bring back to Singapore and Binz suddenly said that he felt like eating somemore. Honestly speaking, I was already mad full after the Bak kut teh meal. But since he thought of having desserts, I gave in. *inserts guilty face*. So we settled for ice cream at Seasons. They were having a promotion to celebrate their 37th Anniversary, so we decided to order the regular Earthquake as well as fries to share.
8 Scoops of ice cream and 8 toppings for just 27.90RM. Worth it or what? 
Fries at 6.90RM

And with this dessert meal, we made our way back to the customs and headed back to Singapore. I personally feel that this is too much food for me to stomach, but nonetheless, I had an awesome time in JB! More of such trips soon! :)

Alright, I shall stop my post here, gotta prepare for a buffet dinner to celebrate my little nephew's birthday in awhile!

Have a great weekend!

Su Shan