Friday, April 27, 2012

How I spent my Thursday

TGIF people! Although I'm cooped at home for the whole day, I still hope that all of you will have a great time out today! Alright, time is running short. I have less than a week to the first paper in my first year of uni. Alright, honestly speaking, I'm not taking it very seriously because I intend to change school and course. Well, I know it's kind of a random decision, afterall I haven't gone for the exams and who knows? I might fare well right? Hah. However, I think this decision of me applying to another school will be a right one. At least I'm doing something that I like.

Okay, back to the topic, what I did on Thursday. Met up with my friends for a study session at the other ulu campus. The place is really quiet and super little people will hang out there, so it's a good place to study at if you have the transport there. Some pictures that I took. 

Met RC and JY earlier for a heavy breakfast. (My fav zhajiangmian) Too awesome!

A shoe shot while waiting for Mr Faiz to arrive and fetch us to the other campus

After waiting for about an hour, he finally came....

And off we went!

A picture of the campus

We managed to book a discussion room at the library

 Miss RC, our teacher of the day

Our messy table that housed 6 people. Heh

After studying for a few hours, we decided that we should have a break, and have some food! So we ordered Mac Delivery! The very bo liao Mr Dex actually made an effort to arrange 14 packets of chilli sauce nicely. Kudos to his effort, and boliao-ness.

Yea, one and only picture of me that day!

Alright, just one more picture of my studded pocket

 And so, after studying for awhile more, we decided that we needed some entertainment. This is Faiz's chinese name. Wee Shiun literally translated his name into these chinese characters. So creative, but I must say that his handwriting is really quite nice. Hah.


We studied till about 7pm, and left the place. I went off to meet Jasmine for a really impromptu dessert date. Saw her tweet that she wanted dessert, and since I was gonna be home alone, I joined her! 

My dessert date :)

Awesome dessert that contains grass jelly, yam Q, pearls, sweet potato balls, some black sugar jelly and shaved ice. I remember having these yam balls when I was in Taiwan. It somewhat tastes similar, but less sweet than those that I had there. You must eat it with the shaved ice, if not the yam ball itself will be quite bland. However, it's still nice. If you want to have a taste of the very famous Taiwan Jiufen yam balls, this can be an alternative.

BlackBall @ Clementi Cityvibe,
3151, Commonwealth Ave West
#01-19, S'pore (129581)
Tel: 68724570

We decided to go for prata at Al Ameen since we haven't been there for such a long time. We set off to Al Ameen happily, but we left being extremely dissatisfied customers. Why? Because their standards dropped tremendously. The cheese prata that we ordered was overly rubbery and salty, and the mee goreng was too salty as well. I remembered that they used to serve yummy pratas. What happened? Oh man, the only saving grace was the curry. 

Lots of varieties, but not nice. (Well, at least those that we ordered wasn't nice)

Cheese prata. Looks good, but looks can be deceiving. Boohoo. 

Salty Mee goreng

I'm not sure if the other patrons felt that the food wasn't as good as last time, but Jas and I definitely felt so. We're off in search for other good prata places. Any recommendations?


Al Ameen Eating House - Bukit Timah
4 Cheong Chin Nam Road S599727
 And to make things worse, we never put car coupon cause it was already at night, and I really didn't think that the parking attendant would come at that timing. Being very suay that day, we got a $30 summon. Totally not worth it at all. We totally felt like crying on the spot. Manz. No choice, just take it as a lesson learnt. BOOHOOO! :(

But I still must thank Jas for the ride home, and she's really a steady female driver. So am I. Heh. *Winks* So don't stereotype all female drivers anymore! Heehee! More of such supper dates soon! 

Alright, I shall end my post here. Remember to give the dessert a try! 

Su Shan