Thursday, April 5, 2012

Trying to blog from my phone

Hello people! I'm here to try out if I can blog from my phone and post pictures! Heh. Hopefully it'll be a success, so I can blog as and when I want to! Which means more posts!

Okay, just to touch on a bit of my life these days. Really nothing much, just going to school for 6 hour revision lectures, and coming back to do some revision. I really think that I won't have much to update this space all the way till the end of my exams in mid May. However, I'll still squeeze some time and things to blog about!

Heh here are some pictures that I took of myself today while I was bored at home. Narcissistic I know. To be really random, I'm craving for some ee mian now! Shall have it before lesson tmr. Motivation of the day! Okay pictures!

Okay I should go to bed soon to prepare for tmr's torture. 

Goodnight people!

Su Shan

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