Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Titanic, The artifact exhibition

Hola people! I'm back with an update on the Titanic artifact exhibition that I went with Gloria. It was really interesting where you get to watch a video and see the sunken Titanic, and how it actually looks like now. The whole video is about how these group of people that consists of archaeologists and engineers come out with a technology that enables them to control the cameras such that it can move around the inside of Titanic, because the pressure is too great for humans to even dive in. Pretty interesting documentary, quite worth the extra $5 that we paid. Hah. After the video, we moved on to the exhibition. We got to learn more about the people behind the creation of Titanic, and even some of the people on board the ship at that time. Sort of like a history lesson for me. Heh. It really feels as though we're on board the Titanic at certain parts of the exhibition, with them showing the First Class cabins and the Third Class ones. Gloria loved the First class plates though. Too bad we weren't allowed to snap any pictures in the exhibition. It's really worth a visit if you're really interested in the history of Titanic, or if you simply just love the movie. 

Alright, some pictures that we took on that day

Lunch at Fruit Paradise

Seafood Omu rice

Mango tart in cheese base

Chocolate banana tart

Camwhored a little

Introducing a new character to my blog: Gloria!

With my Fruit tart

We headed over to MBS after lunch for the exhibition 

The exhibition is held at the Art Science Museum

100th Anniversary!

 Our tickets

Lotus outside the Museum for some Kong Ming lantern event

Dark clouds

Sexy back

Some black and white pictures


More pictures of us

Took some outfit photos

And some self shots

Went for the 60 mins documentary at 3pm before we headed to the exhibition

Everyone will be given a boarding pass, with different names and reason why you're on board the ship. At the end of the exhibition, you can find out if you're still alive or dead on this board with all the names of people who survived, and those who did not.

Really interesting right? Read the reason why we're on board

Some pictures that we secretly took with my iphone (which explains the bad quality)

We spent about 1.5 hours to finish the whole exhibition, and headed to Makansutra for some oyster omelette


And ending off with the ever delicious oyster omelette!

This exhibition is held till the 29th of April, so do go for it soon! It's definitely worth every penny!

P.s. Do remember to show your IC if you're a Singaporean when you're purchasing the tickets for a 15% discount.

Alright, that shall be all for this post. Gotta go back to my books. Sigh. 

Have a great Midweek lovelies! 

Su Shan

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