Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dad's Birthday dinner

Hello people! How have your Monday and Tuesday been? I hope it has been an awesome one! 3 more days to the weekend, hang in there everyone! And so, it's my dad's birthday today, and we went out for dinner at Dian Xiao Er. Dad didn't wanna go too far, so we just settled for a simple dinner at Lot 1. Well, the food at Dian Xiao Er is quite nice, we usually go there for dinner when we want some chinese cuisine near home, since there's really nothing much to eat over at my neighbourhood. Ordered too much food for just the 3 of us, we were so stuffed after dinner, but that's a good thing! Hah. Some pictures!

 Lanterns as their decoration

Oh, this yuanbao thing is really cute! Only the first 10 customers who enters the restaurant from 5.30 to 6.30pm will receive this, and you're entitled to a 10% discount on all ala-carte dishes. How awesome! 

Ten Wonders Duck (Looks really black with the black sauce, but it's really yummy!) 

Spinach with century eggs and salted eggs
(If I never remember wrongly)

Brinjal with minced meat and muchrooms

 Mongolian Pork ribs. A must order for my mum whenever we visit Dian Xiao Er

Really simple dinner, but it's the company that matters right? No pictures of us either, cause we weren't dressed up nicely. Hah. So now you know that we're a family of self-conscious people. Heh. 

Once again, Happy Birthday Dad!

Su Shan