Sunday, March 11, 2012

Favourite Jap food place with my Internship colleagues

Hello people! It's a Sunday night, hopefully you're not having any Sunday blues. Have a great night rest and be all recharged for what Monday awaits you! Let's hope that it'll all be something good! Alright, so I had a short meet up with my Internship colleagues for sushi buffet! YUMS! My favourite sushi place in town. They have lots of varieties, not only sushi, but also the fried items and bbq items. Love it!

 Here are some of the pictures that I snapped today!

Look at the varieties of sushi

 Introducing 2 new characters to my blog, Rachel and WY. Checking out the menu

 Free flow of sashimi


Some of the sushi that I ordered, there's no doubt that I really love sashimi!

Mentai Mussels

This is a must order whenever I'm there! So yummy that I had 3 sticks of it

Chicken wings that were a tad too hard


I liked the Ebi more as compared to the Prawn Tempura
With Rachel and WY

I'm loving my sandals

We went to the flea to walk around and I bought myself a leopard preens clutch which I kinda liked it! Gonna carry it out the next time round! It was raining heavily, so we were stranded at Cine without a brolly. Boohoo. But nonetheless, we had a cuppa warm drink over a really substantial conversation. Hah.

One last photo before we left for home

Oh, and of course my outfit of the day. :)

Have a great week ahead!

Su Shan