Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lovely day out with the loveliest people

Hola people! Back for a quick update. Finished my Maths prelims yesterday. It was kinda bad. Hmm. Really got to start practicing more. Alright, so Ruey Chyi, Cassandra, Bin Xiang and me went out to relax after Maths prelims, and I haven't been so happy for the past 2 weeks. We went for a vegetarian jap lunch. Was kind of skeptical initially, but it was really yummy! Love the food there. Totally gonna go back for more! YUMS! Picture time!

On the cab to Bugis

Waiting for our food!

Happy us! :)

After waiting for about 15 mins, we finally get to eat!! 

RC with her meal

Casan with her deep fried set

Happy me with my Unagi set

AND introducing our new found friend for life

Bin Xiang and his meal

Edamame beans

Vegetarian sashimi

California roll that tasted so good!

My Unagi bento set. To be honest, I liked this more than the real Unagi

Group shot! Oh and that's the name of the restaurant!

Took more pictures after lunch

Ruey Chyi




Happy three friends

Outfit of the day

Walked over to Illuma to get our movie tickets. We had lots of time to spare, so we headed to the arcade to play some games! So while we were at the counter, Ms Casan got her eyes on this giraffe  pen. So we started playing basketball and some other games that has tokens. In the end, we managed to change for 2 giraffe pens! Happy much! :)

Super cute giraffe pen!

Caught the movie LOVE

In the cinema

Went off to meet Shiyan after the movie for dinner! Haven't seen her for about 3 weeks? Hmm we should totally meet up once a week.


Had Ayam Penyet for dinner.

Not forgetting our fav durian snow ice from jidechi.

Alright, that shall be all for this post. All in all, it was really a nice day out with all my beloved friends. More of such outings soon please!

Oh and one last really embarrassing thing that happened yesterday. We were walking out from the cinema after our movie, and I led the way out. We wanted to use the washroom, and it happened that there was a toilet on the way out. So I happily just walked into the first toilet without checking if it's the gents or ladies. RC and Casan just followed me and Binz went to the other toilet. After about 2 mins in toilet, then we realized that we were actually in the gents! Lucky for us that there was no one in the toilet. The not so lucky Binz accidentally went into the ladies and 2 girls actually turned around and saw him. Omg. So embarrassing! Seriously, just don't let me lead the way next time. :/ Hahaha!

Su Shan

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