Wednesday, March 7, 2012

JB Day Trip with with the babes

Hello people! I'm back with a JB trip update with the L04 babes! I've always liked to go to JB for the cheap buys and good food! What more, it's with a group of my fav girls! We had lots of fun taking pictures and all the failed jump shots. Had yummy shabu shabu and did some shopping. Really fun day out! Alright, picture time!

Snapped pics while waiting for Jas

We left Kranji MRT at about 10am and off we went to JB. Cabbed in to KSL mall for our brunch. Guess what we had? Yummy milk broth shabu shabu! Heh. 

ARASHI Shabu Shabu. Yummiest shabu that I've ever had!

The interior of the restaurant


Vegetables and other ingredients with the milk broth

Milk broth and Spicy Ma-la Milk broth

Pork belly shabu shabu

My condiments for the meal. Extremely yummy chili sauce

We went to walk around the mall before getting fruits and walk over to Holiday Plaza. 

Love the sweet mangoes 

 With our fruits

Very warm weather, but we're well equipped with shades and cold fruits

 Focus on us, not the dusty car screen. Hah!

Finally, a proper group shot. :)

Epic pictures when we were trying to snap some jump shots

A successful jump shot!

After a few failed attempts and some successful jump shots, we started walking to Holiday Plaza, and the transformation of our Jiemeizxzx phone begins.

Marc Jacobs inspired iphone casing

 Happy us with the same iphone casings

Chewing gum models wannabe

Super pretty zebra nails that Jas helped me with

We got a lift back to City Square from a very nice and pretty girl that we bought seaweed crackers from. Walked around  City Square, but it's under renovation now, so some of the shops are closed. Nonetheless, we still bought a few items and had Sushi King for dinner. 

Ebi Tempura Sushi

Very fresh Salmon Sushi

I don't know what's the name of this sushi, but it's really nice!

Didn't get to take pictures of the other sushi that we had, cause we're in a rush. We had to leave JB by 6pm. Oh right, there's a 20% for all sushi at Sushi King from 3pm to 6pm. I'm not exactly sure what time this promo starts, but I'm pretty sure that it ends at 6pm. Quite a good deal!

We bought cakes from Secret Recipe and some cream puffs from Beard Papa. Really much cheaper as compared to Singapore. So gonna buy it the next time I'm at JB! Heh.

Alright, I shall end this post here. I'm gonna munch on my cream puffs now!

Su Shan