Sunday, May 6, 2012

Awesome brunch place in Melbourne - MART 130

Hi guys, here's another post on my Melbourne trip. This is gonna be a shorter post, because it's just about this awesome brunch place that Bernice brought me to. This cafe is located just beside a tram station, so basically, you can see and wave to the people in the tram if you're sitting outside. The ambience and settings of this cafe is really one of a kind. Very special, and not to mention that they serve awesome food. The portions were huge and absolutely delicious. 
Here are some pictures to share!

Foamy lips

My Chicken sandwich. Sounds really simple, but it's so delicious! The chicken was well marinated, and the cheese and bacon complemented the sandwich so well. Bernice tried the sandwich and gave her stamp of approval. So go ahead and order this sandwich. You won't be disappointed!

Bernice's corn fritters with generous portions of bacon, and an extra serving of mushrooms. I had a mouthful of this dish and boy, it was good! Something really different from what you'll get from usual brunch places. The corn fritters were sweet, and a little salty. Absolutely savoury. It's definitely worth a try, and worth every penny of yours!


We filled our tummys with these delicious food, and off we went out to take some pictures! Like I said in the previous post, Melbourne is an awesome place to take pictures! So how could we miss out on some picture taking? Heehee. 


Pretty flowers everywhere

Look at the really nice exterior of the cafe

Tram spotted

I think Middle Park is the name of the station

Yeap, jump shots again. GEEZ!

The weather is cold, but pretty sunny as well

Casting our shadows and foot prints on this piece of beautiful land.

Address that I googled:
107A Canterbury Road,
 Middle Park, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

YAY awesome, now you guys know the address of the place, so if you're going to Melbourne for a holiday, or you're studying in Melbourne, do give this place a try!
Alright, that's all for this post.
 I still have a few more posts on my Melbourne trip before I end the Melbourne series.

Will be back with a post on my online buys for the month of April real soon!

Have a great week ahead!

Su Shan

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