Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Road trip to the East

Hi guys! Happy mid week! So as ya'll know, my last paper ended on Monday, so I have lots of time to hang out with my friends now. Shiyan and I decided to go for a cycle at East Coast Park. I felt super accomplished after driving from the West to the East. That feeling was simply awesome. But the very smart us didn't check the weather forecast before heading out, and the weather turned out to be really bad, with slight drizzles and lightning. We were extremely freaked out, so we only managed to cycle for 2 hours, including our lunch. We left ECP at about 1pm, and went to Old Changi Airport to get our Laoban, it's a must get since we're in the East, and we got 5 bowls each! After getting Laoban, I drove to City Plaza. I've always wanted to bring Shiyan there, and she loved that place. She managed to get 2 tops, and I got a skirt and a sequined collar top. I love the top! Will wear it out soon! Oh and, just so you know, Shiyan and I met when we were both in CJC for our first 3 months after O levels, but both of us didn't go to CJ in the end. Hah. So that explains why we're wearing the CJC tee in the pictures. 
Haha, okay, some pictures that I have to share!

Dark clouds 

Snapped a picture when we reached ECP

 We rented our bikes, and cycled to the Hawker cemtre at Area E for brunch. Apparently this Bak kut teh stall is quite famous, cause everyone there is eating it. Of course, we had to try it too! The Bak kut teh soup was quite good, but we liked the pig trotters better. The meat was tender, and not really fat. The braised sauce was very well done too. Yums!

Yummy brunch

We finished brunch and cycled down the park. There's this castle beach place along the stretch with a pretty sandcastle. I wonder if the sandcastle will be destroyed if there's a heavy downpour.

With our bikes

Some scenery shots

We headed back to the bicycle station to return our bikes after seeing the super scary lightning, and left to buy Laoban!
Wahahha, tauhuay that's to die for

Next, we headed to City Plaza to shop! Within the one hour or so, we managed to get a few items!
There are many shops selling clothes there, but there are only a specific few shops that I go to. I forgot to take a picture of those shops that I go to, but they are located at level 3. 

One last blurry picture of us before we headed back. 

Heheh, it's such an awesome day! I love road trips like that. We can explore new food places, and I can improve on my driving skills too. Wahahah!

Alright, I shall end my post here. I'm gonna indulge in a bowl of Laoban now! Weeeheee! 
2.5 more days to the weekends! Hang in there everyone!

Su Shan