Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Melbourne Trip - 03/08/11 to 13/08/11 [Great Ocean Road]

Hi everyone! My current life is pretty boring, and there's nothing much to blog about, so I've decided to do up a post on my Melbourne trip. Last August, I went over to Melbourne to visit my friend, Bernice, who has been studying there since O' levels. I'm so thankful that I could put up at her place for the 11 days, and with her bringing me around. This Melbourne trip is one of the best trips ever! This post will be on the Road Trip to Great Ocean Road that Bernice and I went for. We booked our tickets through a travel agency over in Melbourne. I can't remember the exact price of this trip, but it shouldn't be too expensive. The sad thing was that there weren't any tour guides to tell us the history of that place and all that. But nonetheless, we still had a great time, and here are some of the pictures that we took along the trip!

I'm loving all the scenery and the weather there. It was winter when I was there, so I could wear my favourite boots!

Can you spot the faint rainbow? 

A touristy shot

How could I miss a jump shot at such a beautiful place

Can you see the rainbow now? So pretty!

A jumpshot for Bernice too

Loving my new bought boots!

Love these pictures

Hi there

Look at the awesome view behind me

As we walked further, I just had to take more jumpshots!


  The weather was so cold that I had to wear 3 layers of clothes

The wind was really strong

Oh, we made a new Taiwanese friend there, and he helped us with this shot as well as some others. Really nice person. 

One last picture that I have to share.

Alright, these are the pictures that I have for this road trip. I'll be sharing more pictures and information that I can remember in the next posts! All the brunch places and other awesome  places that I went! So stay tuned!

Have a great Wednesday ahead!

Su Shan

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