Sunday, May 13, 2012

Veronica's 21st Party

Hi guys! How did you spend your Saturday? Mine was well spent going for Veronica's 21st Party, and catching up with some of my Primary school friends. It's been such a long time, since I met up with them and we had lots to talk about, from reminiscing our Primary school days, to filling each other on our current lives. Okay, so Veron's party was held at Chevrons, I didn't know that Chevrons had chalets as well, and it's really quite pretty. The decorations done by Veron's boyfriend were awesome! Art students are really art students. I can never think of decorations for parties. Here are some pictures that I took during the party!

With the Birthday girl. Oh did I mention that her theme for the party was black and gold?

Karen and Xinyu

We went out to explore, and to take some pictures

We just had to have a solo picture with the swing

My Primary School best friends

With the Domo Balloon

Happy Birthday Veron! We all love you! <3

With my other Primary school friends. We were so young then, and now we're all grown up. It's awesome to know that all of us are doing well. Let's have a gathering soon! :)

Our night ended with a series of similar Instagram shots. Hah, we didn't even bother to change places.

Alright, I shall end with a little Birthday Message for Veron. 

Happy 21st Birthday Veron! I really can't remember how long we've known each other already, but it's been a really long time. Since Primary School, to Secondary School, and right up to now. I must really say that you've changed a lot, becoming prettier each time I see you. I'm also really happy for you that you can do what you really like, that's to draw, and do designing. Not to mention, an awesome boyfriend whom you'll soon be engaged to. Hahahah! (Just so you know, we were saying that next year, we won't receive your 22nd Birthday invitation, but your engagement invitation instead. Haha!) I just wanna let you know that although we don't meet as often, I still love you! And you're really an awesome friend! <3 Happy Birthday once again, and have a blast on the 14th! :D

Okay, I'll end this post here. 

Have a fab Sunday, and no Monday blues!

Su Shan