Saturday, May 5, 2012

Brighton Beach & New found friends - Melbourne trip 2011

*Note: Massive Picture Post*

Our day started off with a hearty breakfast at a cafe near to the beach. The thing about Melbourne is that, you randomly enter into any of the cafes, and their brunch would be good. The pictures tells it all.


3 pretty friends that I made through the trip

Another thing is that, everywhere in Melbourne seems nice for pictures

Some group shots with the babes

Isn't it just so awesome to be able to take pictures freely on a railway track? Love these shots!

Beautiful scenery while walking to the main attraction of Brighton Beach

An outing is never complete without jumpshots

Hearts all over the world

Look at the birdie

YAY! We've reached the main attraction of Brighton beach, the colourful beach houses!

 Closeup on some of the colourful houses

Cute kids are loveeee


Presenting to you, the babes and our favourite rainbow house

 The sun was beginning to set after we took this shots, and we decided to leave Brighton Beach for dinner! Had Mexican food for dinner, Max Brenner for dessert, Kebabs for snacks, and Pancakes at Pancake Parlour for second round of desserts. We can really feast after a whole day of jumpshots and picture taking. 

We ordered two mains to share, so we can indulge in other food. Isn't traveling all about eating and trying different food that the country has?

Next up: Dessert at Max B

In my opinion, Max B serves the best waffles, alongside with other yummy desserts

The third round of feasting saw us making our way to the best Kebab that I've ever had
This kebab is so good that I can have it everyday!

Our fourth round of feasting, was at Pancake Parlour! The pancakes were warm, fluffy and good! They should totally set up a branch in Singapore.

 And with this picture, it marks the end of our day at Brighton. It's just so awesome to end our day with  4 full rounds of feasting. So glad to have met these friendly and pretty babes! They've certainly made my trip a lot more enjoyable.

 P.S. Credits to Serene and Lizhen for some of the beautiful pictures in this post.

Alright, this marks the end of my post. 
Will be back with more updates on my Melbourne trip really soon! 

 Meanwhile, have a fabulous week ahead!

Su Shan


  1. hey dear, it's me! LOL.
    Saw a few familar faces ((: Sandra is one of my best friend, while Siew Ling is my primary school-mate. So coincident! ^^

    1. Hi Jia Ying! So nice to see your comment! Hehe!
      Oh really? Super coincidental la. Are you still in contact with them? :D