Sunday, May 27, 2012

Beloved grandma's birthday lunch @ Jack's Place

Hi guys! I'm back with an update! My whole family went for lunch at Jack's Place for my grandma's birthday lunch today. My grandma loves Jack's place, cause of the ambience and the food. She loves fish and chips. Haha! Oh right, it's my grandma's 78th birthday this year. I really love my grandma, she's been through so much her entire life, and I'm glad that she can just relax at home now. She used to bring me to and fro the babysitter's when I was young, and took great care of me, cause both my parents were at work. She cooks really delicious home cooked delicacies, and even curry puffs, or soon kueh. But because her legs will hurt from standing too long now, she hasn't cooked for many years. I miss all her cooking. I'm also extremely thankful to my grandma for everything. She's seen me grow from a little baby to an adult now. I promise to bring her out for dinners, or buy yummy food to her house on a weekly basis once I graduate and start earning money. So my only wish for her now will be to stay strong, healthy and happy! <3 
Alright, some pictures to go!

 Where we had our lunch
My awesome grandma <3
Favourite cousins

Cousin who is constantly on his phone
Cousins whom I'm closest to
Attempting a candid shot for my little cousin
 My other cousin whom I've been close since young. She's like an elder sister to me.

And then it was time for food!
I loved my combo set! It comes with grilled fish, chicken and steak. Everything was well done! The portions were huge too! Luckily I didn't order a set, if not I would have been so bloated.
The dessert of the day.

So the camwhoring continued after our extremely satisfying lunch
 I absolutely adore kids, and this little niece of mine is too cute! If you can tell, I really love her loads! Hehehe! 

After everyone was done with their food, we had a cake cutting session!
Coffee cake for my grandma!
Happy birthday girl. Hehehe! Regardless of age, women will always feel happy and smile from within when they feel loved! I'm sure my grandma felt loads of love today, from all her sons, daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. <3
2 more shots of grandma cutting her cake.

I realized that the lighting in the restaurant is quite bad, so please pardon me for the darker photos. Oh and I didn't get to take a picture with my parents, cause they were too busy trying to settle everyone down and making sure my grandma has a successful birthday lunch. :)

My family likes the ambience of this particular Jack's Place. The lightings in the restaurant used to be dimmer, and they even had candles on every table, but not anymore. Nonetheless, it's still a nice place to dine at. Pretty much a family oriented restaurant in my opinion.

Blk 730 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6
Tel: 6454 9677
Operating Hours: Daily 11am - 11pm

Alright, that shall be all for this post! 
Do visit this Jack's Place branch if you're living in the Ang Mo Kio area! :)

  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday guys, and have a fab week ahead!

Su Shan