Friday, May 18, 2012

Final post on my Melbourne trip

Happy Friday guys! This post is my final post on my Melbourne trip. It'll sum up who I've met during my trip, as well as some other delicious food that I had. Okay, so I actually went to Melbourne for 11 days, and I had the chance to make new friends like I blogged about in the previous posts, and also, I got to meet up with Clarissa, my Secondary School friend. She's also currently studying in Melbourne, and I'm so glad to have contacted her, so we could have a short meet up. We went to Chadstone for some shopping. It's a huge mall with practically everything you need. It's something like Vivo City, but much bigger. I also went on my very first shopping trip alone in Melbourne when Bernice was in school. I swear I was a little freaked out when I couldn't find the way, and when google map wasn't working. Alright, I think I should post the pictures and describe my experience along the way. Okay so here it goes!


 Our Nandos set with lots of chips!

We didn't take a lot of pictures that day, so that's all I have to share, but we definitely had lots of fun catching up, and shopping! More of such outings when you're back Clar! :D


Okay next up, the yummiest bagels that I had in my entire life! I met Serene after her lesson in School, and she brought me to her favourite bagels cafe. I swear it was the best bagels that I've ever had! It's so yummy, everyone in Melbourne should try!
 My Pretty brunch date

Hot chocolate and awesome bagels go extremely well together!

Huff Bagelry
112 Koornang Rd
Carnegie, VIC 3163

This is the address that I googled, please give it a try!
Oh this reminds me that if anyone knows of any nice cafes that sells awesome bagels, please let me know! I would love to have some bagels now! heh!


Next up, my solo shopping experience overseas. Bernice recommended me to shop at South Wharf. It's actually an outlet mall that consists of all the brands. So the things there are relatively cheaper than those that you will see in the shops maybe in Melbourne City. So I went there alone, cause Bernice had to go to school. I was kind of scared, cause I didn't exactly know the way, but I'm still glad that I figured my way there, cause I shopped a lot, and the things that I bought were just of awesome quality, and at a fraction of the price. I love South Wharf! So gonna go there again the next time I visit Melbourne. 
An outfit photo before I left home. I'm loving my black fishmonger like boots. Hahah!
Some scenery shots as I was making my way to South Wharf. Look at the huge carpark!

I spent about 3/4 day in South Wharf, trying on all the awesome shoes and clothes, and looking desperately for some Wi-fi. Hahah. It's really a nice place to shop, so please do visit South Wharf if you happen to love shopping, and if you're in Melbourne. 


Alright, the last part of this post, which is also where Bernice and I had dinner at on my second last day of my trip. I loved the Italian food that I blogged about the other time so much, such that Bernice decided to bring me back to Lygon for dinner. But this time, we settled down at another restaurant. The food was good as well, but I still prefer the restaurant that we went to previously. 
Awesome awesome garlic bread
Bernice calls this the potato potato pasta. Haah, I'm guessing that the pasta is made of potato. Something special indeed. 
Tomato based seafood risotto

We finished our awesome dinner, and decided that there is no better way to end our day, so we went for some desserts! Guess where? 
YEAAPPPPP! Desserts at Max B. 
Oh my, I'm salivating just by looking at these chocolaty and yummy desserts!

Haha, and of course, some camwhoring is needed! Since it was already my second last day in Melbourne.
 YAY my boots! 

I'm so glad that my Melbourne trip ended on a sweet note, with yummy desserts, and awesome company. I really have to thank Bernice for taking time off from her books to bring me around Melbourne, and being ever so hospitable to let me stay at her place for the 11 days. I also have to thank Serene and Clarissa for bringing me around, so that I won't feel bored or lost when Bernice is in school. I'm extremely lucky to have such dear friends. I can't thank you babes more. <3

And with this, I shall end my series of Melbourne posts. Hopefully these Melbourne posts will give you a rough idea of where you can go in Melbourne, and some of the food that you can have over there.

Alright, I gotta go for my tuition now! 

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Have an awesome Friday! 

Su Shan