Friday, May 11, 2012

Camberwell Flea and more of Melbourne City

Hi guys! I'm back with more updates on my Melbourne trip. This post will be on the Camberwell Flea which is only set up on every Sunday. In the morning till the early afternoon. It's somewhat like our Scape flea, just that they really have a variety of items, from clothes, shoes, bags to vases, and even pretty exquisite teapots and cups. It's really quite a nice place to shop for nice and cheaper items. The place is open spaced, so it's like a huge carpark with different stalls. So glad that it was winter when I went, if not the sun will be a killer! After walking around, and getting some stuff, we headed to the suburbs for a bowl of piping hot Vietnamese Pho. It was really good! It was actually my first time trying out Vietnamese Pho, and indeed, it did not disappoint. After which, we went back to Melbourne City to take pictures and more jump shots and of course, more food! Lastly, we went to Lygon for the best Italian meal that I had. I'm salivating just by the thoughts of it. Okay okay, time for pictures!


Extremely huge hotdog bun that we shared for brekkie

We didn't take that much pictures in Camberwell, cause we were busy shopping. So these are the only 2 pictures that I have to share. 

 Waiting for the train to the suburbs

Yummy beef pho that's perfect for a cold winter day

Loving my bowl of goodness!

I just had to take a picture with the train

Train station

After the train ride, we're finally back to Melbourne City! Lots of pictures of Melbourne City!

Just so you know, I practically took jump shots everywhere I went

Flinders Station. Isn't it beautiful?

We went into an old church, and everything inside was just amazing. I've always loved churches with wooden benches.

Savouring the yummy sushi rolls

Tutti Frutti for tea

We continued walking around the city, and looking for a pair of boots for myself, cause the pair that I bought from Singapore was spoilt after the Brighton outing.

So I'm happy after getting a pair of boots!

And YAY! Bernice brought me to the awesome Italian food place.

Pretty glass bottle to contain water

Really pretty interior of the restaurant

I'm loving my new boots! It is furry inside, and you can fold it down to become an ankle length boots. So cute!

And there comes our food! 
Extremely yummy mushroom and chicken risotto

Pizza with loads of ingredients

Pizza dessert. Looks really special right? It's actually the pizza crusts topped with whipped cream and nutella. Simple, but surprisingly good!

Oh yea, we were so stuffed after this awesome meal, but we just had to have a cup of hot chocolate since KOKO Black was just down the street. 

Our day ended with that scary picture of myself. Haha! Love being silly with Bernice, and all my other good friends. Isn't life just all about being yourself, and having fun? Haha.

Alright, I shall end my post here. 

Have a great weekend! 

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