Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jasmine's Polka 21st

Hi guys! How's your Saturday? I just got back from Jasmine's 21st party. It was really fun spamming pictures, and seeing our babe so pretty and happy today. Her party is held at Home Team NS chalet. I didn't know that there is a chalet just behind Home Team. I love to attend 21st parties, so I can meet all my old friends and see the birthday girl get all dressed up for her big day. I feel so happy seeing my friends all pretty and living well. Haha, okay, I'm digressing. Shall let the pictures do the taking then!

I met up with Joyce, Lay Peng and Xinmei before we went down to the chalet
Joyce and Xinmei
Lay Peng and me
A blur picture of our gift for Jas. 
Her chalet

We decided to spam some pictures of ourselves, before the party officially started
The babes <3
With the Birthday girl
Happy Jas
21st Balloon!
 HAHAHAHA, epic faces.
 A different balloon
Clive and Hui Shi, the happy couple! 
Awesome buffet spread
My little note for Jasmine
 Look at the super pretty cake that Jasmine's aunt baked for her
Pretty girl, with a pretty cake! :)
Poly classmates group shot
And I shall end off with a Jiemeis 184 group shot. Hahaha. <3 these babes!

Here's my little note to Jas: 
Happy 21st Birthday babe! You looked really pretty today, just like what your mum says: "The prettiest girl is my daughter." Hahaha! Yup! I really hope that you've enjoyed your day and hopefully our presence made you happy! Oh and hope you'll like the gift too! I'm extremely glad that we're still in contact even after we've graduated for a year. More of such meetups and gatherings soon. Keep it up with your bubbly character, and stay pretty and happy always! <3

Alright! This basically sums up my enjoyable Saturday!

Have a great weekend guys! 

Su Shan